Thursday, July 19, 2007

Macedonian Helsinki Committee accuses of human rights violation by legal precedent

The Macedonian Helsinki Committee (MHC) warned in its regular monthly report that a legal precedent was made, which might lead to continuous violation of the human rights.

The case in question refers to the trial of the customs officers who worked at the Deve Bair border crossing. MHC lodged an appeal to the Supreme Court on the unprecedented decision of the Skopje Appellate Court to allow evidences acquired by illegal fashion to be used in the court proceedings and serve as a basis for the ruling to the case.

The Helsinki Committee also drew attention on the "malice" the Justice Ministry demonstrates when it comes to the judicial matters and the complaisance with the political establishment.

The latter objection is prompted by the public debate on the bills on Public Prosecution and on Council of Prosecutors, in which the initiator "turned a deaf ear, demonstrating astonishing ignorance" on the suggestions of the Prosecutors and jurists, only to accept their proposal in almost identical form, but not before striking a political deal.

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