Monday, July 30, 2007

EC unlikely to launch talks with Macedonia any time soon

European Commission is unlikely to set a starting date for accession talks with Macedonia this year, Polish daily Gazeta Viborca said on Friday.

"There is a 99% likeability not to set the starting date for accession negotiations with Macedonia this year. We will just call on Skopje to speed up the pace of reform," an unnamed diplomat said, adding that in best case, Macedonia will join the EU by 2012.

Now, when the Balkans are much needy of support and encouragement given the progress they have made thus far, the EU negotiation process seems to be losing breath, Gazeta Viborca daily said.

"European Commission representatives have already suggested that Croatia should not be admitted to the EU in 2009 as planned," the paper said.

Gazeta Viborca added that Poland is no longer supportive of the EU enlargement process. Furthermore, Polish Foreign Minister Anna Fotiga did not attend the latest EU debate on the Balkans' future.

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