Monday, July 30, 2007

Most of blazes put under control, but fresh ones spill over from Greece and Albania

The massive wildfires raging across Macedonia have devastated around 3.500 hectares of forest so far, moreover, new blazes spreading spilling over from Albania and Greece have been registered today.

The Crn Vrv fire near Katlanovo, which spilled over to the village of Gradmanci on Thursday, has been contained and it no longer poses a threat to rural areas.

The fire that started at Gorna Matka and spread onto Jasen is of variable intensity. It could spread further but poses no threat to rural areas.

The fire that started above the villages of Davidovo and Miravci has been contained after consuming around 1.300 hectares of forest.

The firefighters contained the blaze near the village of Sushevo, Strumica area, which scorched around 300 hectares of mainly oak forest.

The fire that broke out near the village of Krushino, Kicevo area, spread onto oak forest. A firefighting airplane Canadair intervened. An airplane also intervened to contain the fire near the villages of Gorna Jakupica and Gorno Jabolciste, Veles area. The blaze stall rages in this area.

Тhe blazes have destroyed forests, pastures and rangeland. Around 1.000 hectares of oak forest and pine forest had been scorched in the area of Bratic Dol - Kocevski Vrv in Bitola's outskirts. A firefighting airplane Canadair assisted the efforts to contain the blaze that burned out of control.

The fire near the Lari Company mining filed in the area of the village of Nebregovo is threating to spread mainly because the inaccessibility of the terrain.

The fire that spread over from the neighboring Albania has already consumed 50 hectares of land at the Vojtino-Galacica stretch. Canadair plane is used there too.

The foothill of the Belasica Mountain has also been scorched by the blazes that spilled over from Greece.

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