Tuesday, July 03, 2007

he variant of Macedonians being minority among six million Albanians is more acceptable than Bulgarian occupation

Skopje. Ismet Ramadani, MP and leader of the Party for Democratic Prosperity has publicly resumed the political initiative for the setting up of ALMAKOS – union between Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo. After Kosovo declares independence, of course, writes Dragan Pavlovic Latas, editor-in-chief of Skopje newspaper Vecer under the headline ‘ALMAKOS’. At a moment when Ramadani revives idea of ALMAKOS former Macedonian PM Ljubcho Georgievski resumed old idea of Macedonian split-up, the journalist notes.
“Macedonian split-up or establishing a federation with Albania. There is no other way. Or there is. How many times have Bulgarian politicians said for the past years that we are theirs, that we don’t exist, to which we react coolly”, he writes.
The author says after Macedonia’s melting to Bulgaria uniting with Kosovo would be a far better way. It is not good, but it’s better than the first one if someone lets us choose: whether to be a minority among six million Albanians or be under Bulgarian occupation, he believes.

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