Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Italian authorities arrest abductor wanted by Macedonia

The Italian Police arrested Neziri Fuat, 38, convicted in absentia in Macedonia to 10 years in jail for taking five persons of Macedonia nationality as hostages back in 2002.

The operation that led to apprehension of Fuat Neziri from the village of Tenovo was carried out Friday night in Italy under cooperation of the Italian and Macedonia Foreign Ministries.

He, along with nine other men, abducted five Macedonians on the Gostivar-Tetovo local road and held them hostages for a day.

According to the Police, their goal was to force out freeing of five members of Albanian paramilitary NLA who were family relatives to Neziri and the rest of the abductors.

After being subject to a day-long physical and mental torture, the five Macedonians were released.

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