Saturday, July 21, 2007

Macedonia in flames, government convenes for emergency session

An emergency session of the government is under way, following the alarming spread of fires across the country.

Friday afternoon, PM Gruevski paid a visit to the Skopje’s nearby village of Katlanovo, where a raging blaze threatens to halt the traffic at the Skopje-Veles highway.

According to the PM, vast areas of natural treasure are facing massive devastation.

Gruevski added that all available services have been included in the efforts to contain the fires, stating that if the situation deteriorates further, the government might make a call for a helping hand to other countries.

Furthermore, President Branko Crvenkovski sent a request to the ARM Chief of Staff Miroslav Stojanovski to assign 200 servicemen to help and localize the blazes.

According to the competent authorities, most of the fires have been caused deliberately or accidentally by humans.

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