Saturday, July 21, 2007

Munchmellow cookies meet food safety standards

Chocolate cookies Munchmellow Classic that have been imported in Macedonia are safe and they conform to food safety and good quality standards, Ministry of Health said of Friday.

Laboratory testing of samples of Munchmellow Classic cookies, produced by Serbian Jaffa Crvenka, that are being sold throughout the country, showed no presence of salmonella bacteria.

The tests were conducted at the National Health Care Institute in Skopje as well as in health-care institutes in Bitola, Strumica and Stip. All samples of the four imported shipments of Munchmellow Classic tested negative of salmonella, the ministry said.

Croatian retail chains decided to withdraw Jaffa's Munchmellow cookies from the shelves, under suspected presence of salmonella. The official analysis, however, showed that the cookies are safe.

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