Thursday, July 19, 2007

Manevski:Macedonia prepared for The Hague cases

Macedonia is prepared to take the five cases from The Hague Tribunal, but the accent is put on preparation of personnel and the ability to ensure implementation of international standards.

Macedonian Minister of Justice Mihajlo Manevski said this on Thursday while answering a journalist's question, emphasizing that the state organizes preparation of personnel and undertakes other material procedures for the purpose of returning the cases from The Hague Tribunal.

He added that there is already prepared an appropriate courtroom, according to The Hague standards, in the Suto Orizari prison.

According to Manevski, the international community and the Ministry of Justice have prepared a joint programme for education of personnel, where two groups of judges and prosecutors have already went for training to The Hague and Sarajevo. Also, there is permanent training for the humanitary law, and there also obligations pending on education of court police, translators and expert workers.

The Minister of Justice denied the information that The Hague prosecutioner Carla Del Ponte said that Macedonian courts are not ready yet for returning of the cases.

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