Friday, July 27, 2007

Nearly 20 fires rage across Macedonia

Nearly 20 wildfires rage across Macedonia, posing a grave threat to populated areas as heatwave tightens grip on the country.

Crisis Management Center said some of the blazes have been put out but dozen other fires, fanned by strong winds, still sweep across the country.

The fire at Jasen national park has been put under control. The firefighters put out the blazes at Kula and Jasen.

Galicica National Park is undergoing a serious threat of wildfire because a major wildfire has been reported on Albania's side of the border.

Crisis Management Center says the fire that rages in Skopje's village Raovik near Matka over the past few days poses the most serious threat to local population.

The firefighters who were battling the blaze in Katlanovo, had managed to put the fire under control. Airplanes arrived at the scene shortly after day break Monday to help the firefighters and volunteers, but the fire is still on. A total of 14 fire vehicles, 70 firefighters and 100 soldiers of the ARM battled the blaze.

A fire rages in Tetovo's village of Cerovo for more than three days. The blaze spread into the area near Erebino military warehouse. Other fire sweeps across the village of Merovo, destroying 50 to 100 hectares. Other blazes, reported on Sunday, still sweep across Zelino, Strimica and Dolan Lesnica. The fire is still on, covering an area of 30.000 square meters.

Wild fire destroyed some 30 hectares of oak forest in the municipality of Demir Hisar. The fire that broke out in the village of Suvodol one week ago, spread onto the village of Bucin, fanned by strong winds towards the village of Sveta.

Crisis Management Center says active fires are still on in Krusevo area, Kicevo area and near the villages of Carevic and Rabetino.

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