Thursday, September 06, 2007

Alexandra Papadopoulou - new Greek Ambassador to Macedonia

The new Greek Ambassador to Macedonia is Alexandra Papadopoulou, announced the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje.

Papadopoulou (50) is a career diplomat with prior duties in USA, Canada, Amman, and later in Pristina.

She took over the new office from the position of Greek Representative to the United Nations.

Papadopoulou is a lawyer with Master’s Degree in International Relations and speaks two languages - English and French. She is a widow and has one daughter.

Papadopoulou was appointed in place of Theodora Grosomanidou, recalled by Athens because of her statement for "Financial Times" when she said that Greece should face the reality that more than a half of the world countries have already recognized Macedonia under its constitutional name.

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