Thursday, September 06, 2007

Papadopoulou: Constructive cooperation for solving the differences

The new Greek Ambassador to Macedonia, Alexandra Papadopoulou, on Wednesday in Skopje stated her hopes for "constructive cooperation" to solve the name differences between Macedonia and Greece.

"I stated my hope for constructive cooperation that will allow solving the existing differences and promoting the cooperation between the two countries", said Papadopoulou after the meeting with chief of Macedonian diplomacy, Antonio Miloshoski.

She added that "she believes all efforts should be undertaken in order to reach a solution on the name issue under UN supervision".

Papadopoulou said that this will be "within building good friendly and neighborly relations, as a basic parameter for Euro-Atlantic and European cooperation".

The Ambassador on Wednesday met minister Miloshoski and presented the letter by which chief of Greek diplomacy Dora Bakoyianni appoints her for Ambassador and Head of the Greek Liaison Office in Skopje.

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David Edenden said...

Please don't publish Greek propaganda without mentioning the plight of ethnic Macedonians living in Greece who are struggling against force assimilation.