Thursday, September 06, 2007

"Ilirida" and Macedonia's federalization brought up again

Declaration of Republic of Ilirida and federalization of Macedonia was promoted today by an Albanian National Movement "Ilirida" (ANDI), an organization unknown even to the Albanian population living in Macedonia.

Violation of rights of Albanians as "third class citizens" is stated as the main reason for federalization of the country in the press release composed in a highly dilettante fashion.

Besides advocating federalization, the alleged movement claims it was founded in 2004, has president, shadow government and a senate, then a map containing internal borders as well as a constitution of the Republic of Ilirida.

The movement calls the Albanian deputies in the Macedonian parliament to resign and set up a parliament of Republic of Ilirida in Tetovo. All Albanians employed in the state administration are urged to leave their positions and come to their "parent Republic".

The announcement also appeals to all employees on the territory of the so-called Republic of Ilirida to resign from their posts until its constitution.

Until "the final showdown", the territory of the Republic of Ilirida will be defended by its own defense troops and internal control, concludes the ANDI's announcement.

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