Thursday, September 06, 2007

Aged man ends up in coma after bandits break into his house

Bitola. An aged man ended up in coma after receiving multiple stabs, while his wife was severely beaten.
Marija and Vidan Boshevski, both aged 77, have been hospitalized in the Bitola's Clinic, after two robbers attacked them in their home in the Mariovo's village of Makovo at about 2 am last night, Makfax's correspondent reported.
The assailants left Vidan with brain hemorrhage, fractures on three ribs and a stabbing wound in the right lung lobe. He has been put at the intensive care department, while Marija, who sustained somewhat lighter injuries, is being treated at the surgery department.
Tashko Trajkovski, 25, from the village of Makovo and Nikola Todorovoski, 18, from Bitola, knocked on Boshevskis' door last night, and jumped on Vidan and Marija right after persuading them to let them in.
The thugs strapped the elderly spouses and harassed them, demanding money. They ransacked the house and enraged from finding only 600 denars, continued beating the old man and woman, stabbing Vidan several times.
Leaving the Boshevski spouses strapped, the bandits headed for the adjacent village of Oreovo to spend the night at their friend's.
At about 05:00 hrs in the morning, Tashko Trajkovski turned himself to the Police. An ambulance was dispatched to the victims' house, which ferried them immediately to the Bitola Hospital.
The Police placed the two bandits in custody pending formal accusations.

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