Saturday, October 13, 2007

Macedonia’s secrets

All data about secret agents, allies, plans, current stocks and other secret data of the Macedonian Security and Counterintelligence Directorate (UBK), have been stolen from the archive, Macedonian newspaper Dnevnik writes, citing sources from Macedonian Ministry of Interior. An officer of the UBK who ran away to Bulgaria a month ago had sneaked into the archive of the counter-intelligence service. The Macedonian Ministry of Interior announced Thursday there were no signals reported about such a theft. The main suspect is with initials I.S. He worked as an analyzer in the Macedonian counterintelligence and is nephew of former Interior Minister Dosta Dimovska, incumbent director of the Macedonian cultural and information center in Sofia.
I do not have a nephew who is working in the Macedonian Interior Ministry or counterintelligence, said Dosta Dimovska.
According to journalist Alexander Damovski, director of the Macedonian Vreme newspaper, the case in point is a large scandal – one of the largest that happened in the recent period of the Macedonian intelligence. He stressed the information was reliable.

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