Saturday, October 13, 2007

There are about 500,00 illegal weapons in Macedonia

Skopje. Murders, wounded, frequent attacks with automatic guns, wedding shootings, etc. This is the reality in Macedonia – a country, where there are perhaps about 5090,000 illegal weapons, which according to the UNDP is in the hands of about 170,000 people, the Macedonian A1 TV channel comments.
Courts in Macedonian have not issued even once a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail over possession of illegal guns, though trials are being held for several times against one and the same people for possession and trade with illegal guns.
The fact that the law makes no difference between possession of an illegal hunting rifle and a Kalashnikoff gun is also a juristic omission. In other countries the possession of a military gun is usually punished very stern.
The state has so far formed only a Commission for guns and light weaponry, where the Interior Ministry, other ministries, and UNDP take part. However, there is no representative of an NGO in that Commission, though these organizations are the most active ones in initiating campaign against the usage of guns, the TV comments.

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