Thursday, November 08, 2007

At least one killed in police operation in Mount Shara

At least one member of criminal gang was killed in today's police operation in several villages abutting Shara Mountain, police sources told Makfax news agency.

The casualty is a citizen of Macedonia, who had escaped recently from a prison in Tetovo. He was member of criminal gang, led by Lirim Jakupi alias Nazi, a fugitive of the Kosovo's Dubrava prison.

In a statement for Makfax, police sources did not deny that there were other casualties among the criminal gang, but they could not confirm the news reports alleging seven casualties and a number of injured.

Makfax correspondent in Tetovo said no person with gunshot wounds was admitted to local hospitals.

The correspondent said the police shut down the roads from Tetovo to Popova Shapka's villages Brodec, Veshala, Vejce...

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