Saturday, November 10, 2007

Macedonia ranks 35th in gender equality index

Macedonia was ranked 35th in the World Economic Forum's ranking of gender-equal countries, a survey conducted in 128 countries worldwide.

Nordic countries - Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland - dominated top gender-equality index. These countries retained the four top sport sin the 2007 Gender Gap Index, released by the Swiss-based forum on Thursday.

The study compared four areas: differences between men and women's salaries, access to education, political representation and health including life expectancy.

Turkey is the lowest ranked among the European countries.

Pakistan, Chad and Yemen are placed at the bottom of the table of 128 countries, with the biggest gaps in the four areas.

As regards the countries in the region, Croatia is highest ranked - 16th, followed by Bulgaria - 25th, Macedonia - 35th, Slovenia - 39th, Albania - 66th, Greece - 72nd and Turkey - 121st.

According to survey, Macedonia's total population ranges 2.03 million, population growth of 0.18%. Gross domestic product (GDP) per capita - $6.405, overall population sex ratio (male/female) - 1.00.

Women in Macedonia have been entitled to vote since 1946. Macedonia had no woman president. Women in parliament - 28%, women in ministerial posts - 17%

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