Saturday, November 10, 2007

Macedonia wins 'European Economic Development Region 2008' award

International Institute for Transport Management (ITM) has chosen Macedonia as 'European Economic Development Region' for 2008. - The World Bank's ranking of Macedonia as the fourth best reformer and the European Commission recognition of the country's economic progress present a confirmation that the Government reforms are going into the right direction, Foreign Investment Agency Director Vikto Mizo said Thursday at a press conference.

By awarding Macedonia, ITM calls on its members to take the country into consideration when they make investment decisions.

The award criteria include a solid infrastructure, integrated economic development tools, a well trained workforce, viable opportunities for growth and marketing.

- We have gotten the highest grades for the campaign (Invest in Macedonia), which according to ITM is being successful above all in altering the perception and image of Macedonia, Mizo said.

The award will be presented at a ceremony in London on November 26.

Commenting on the award to Macedonia, ITM Media & PR Director Mr. Patrick Sheedy said: "In light of the current economic and political circumstances in Macedonia, particularly the progressive commercial climate being nurtured by the Government, European investors would do well to consider Macedonia as a potential setting for their own growth and development."

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