Friday, November 09, 2007

New Albanian Military Unit Takes Credit for Action in Macedonia

B92 reports an Albanian group that now calls itself the Political-Military Council of the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) has taken credit for the gun battle yesterday with Macedonian police in three villages near the Sara Mountains near Tetovo. In their internet statement, the unit said it was formerly the "Albanian Territory Liberation Army" and has now been forced to form a regular military unit in order to protect what it called the "endangered Albanian people and every inch of Albanian territory." That of course involves more than just Kosovo in Serbia but also parts of Macedonia, Greece and perhaps also Bulgaria. The statement described yesterday's firefight as being in "defense of national honor" and called the police response "an attack by Macedonian-Slav authorities on the Albanian people." [B92]

The group also expressed their view of the negotiations over Kosovo that have been conducted for more than a year. "We consider all Slav-Albanian agreements emanating from the wars in Kosovo and Albanian territory, as well as the participants, null and void." The group is based in Tetovo and ended its statement with this ominous warning. "There can be no stable political or military solution, peace or stability in the turbulent Balkans without respect and implementation of a decision taken at a conference in Bujan for self-determination (Kosovo and unification with Albania) and for institution of a military oath for all three liberation armies- Kosovo, Eastern Kosovo (Presevo, Bujanovac, Medveda) and Macedonia."

The last thing NATO and the European Union (EU) need is for countless, well armed Albanian liberation units emerging as Islamic units have been doing in Iraq with direct support from Tehran, which is why I suspect this new group's statement was written in Tehran, especially the statement mentioning the "turbulent Balkans". That is exactly what Tehran wants to see chaos in the region engulfing every unit the West sends to restore stability and the silencing of Vienna in the process ending the UN agency's investigation into Iran's nuclear weapons program. Tehran is supporting-arming the most disenfranchised powerless people in the region with a national identity, the Albanian, which makes them the most hateful and therefore one of Iran's best weapons in the European continent. As always, Tehran is an expert at using availability and identifying with it. Iran wants the turbulence to spread beyond the Balkans.

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