Friday, November 09, 2007

Official findings wrapped up, six deaths confirmed

An official report, issued by deputy prosecutor general and investigative judge, confirmed the death of six people during Wednesday's operation "Mountain Storm".

Makfax's correspondent in Tetovo quotes the investigative officials as saying that one of the bodies, blown-up by hand bomb explosion is presumed to be the body of escaped fugitive Ramadan Shiiti.

The bodies were transported to Skopje's funeral enterprise Butel to undergo official identification. The bodies will undergo an autopsy.

Four of the bodies were found near a mosque in Brodec, whilst two other bodies were found at a site near the village on the road to Veshala.

Police uncovered large quantity of weapons. The gunmen used all types of weapons - trench mortars and light infantry weapons.

Deputy prosecutor and investigative judge confirmed that there were no casualties among police force.

Unofficial reports say 12-15 suspects have been detained so far. The extremist criminal gang included members from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo.

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