Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Employee of robbed bank in Tetovo also stole money

An employee of the Tetovo's branch office of Uni Banka, which was robbed last Monday, is suspected of having stolen 15,000 euros out of the total 34,000 that were robbed.

The armed robber probably took the rest of the money.

The Police filed formal accusation against the bank's employee D.G., 42, explaining that during the robbery itself, he was throwing money from the strong-box into the trash bin and then, unnoticed from his colleagues, brought the money to his home.

But , fearing from exposure, the next day D.G. put some of the money back in the bin, hoping that police or other bank employees will find it.

The Police did find these money (3,000 euros and 100,000 denars), and after searching his house, retrieved additional 7.900 euros and 150,000 denars.

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