Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Zito Bitola put on sale

Zito Bitola, Macedonia's largest manufacturer of bread and backed goods which went bankrupt, is put on sale Thursday with a starting price set at 8 million euros.

The public tender specifies the sale in two packages in a total amount of more than 8 million euros, Makfax correspondent said.

"The plant's yard and all accompanying objects, along with six shops in the city, will be sold out as a whole, with a starting price of 462 million denars," said Josip Dimitrovski, bankruptcy manager at Zito Bitola.

He added that the Zito Bitola's facility in industrial part of the city, which includes warehouse, workshop and offices, will be put on sale with a starting price of 62 million denars. The factory's assets in Krusevo and Resen are not for sale due to mortgages, activated by Public Revenue Office due to unpaid tax.

The sale of Zito Bitola's property will be made with sealed bids. The public notice on the sale of Zito Bitola will run till 13 March 2008. The bids will be unsealed later on.

Zito Bitola went bankrupt one year ago. The overall demand by creditors amount 12 million euros. Plant's 350 employees demand 1.6 million euros for unpaid salaries and contributions during two successive years.

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