Monday, April 07, 2008

Greece Ready to Veto Macedonia for EU As Well

Greece is ready to impose a veto on Macedonia's EU membership negotiations as it already did on its NATO membership invitation if the name dispute between the two states is not resolved.

This statement was made by the Greek PM Konstantinos Karamanlis, the Greek newspaper Ekathimerini reported.

However, Karamanlis has also confirmed his invitation to the Macedonian leaders for the continuing of the negotiations on the name issue.

According to Ekathimerini, Greece would like to carry on negotiating with Macedonia under the aegis of the UN, and had clearly stated its position.

There has been no reply to the Green invitation from Skopje as the Macedonia's Foreign Ministry Speaker has said it would take a while for the emotions to cool down after Greece blocked the country's accession to NATO during last weeks' Summit in Bucharest.

Greece disputes Macedonia's name because one of its northern region has the same name. It has already blocked Macedonia's recognition by the UN under its constitutional name, and that is why the latter is recognized by the world organizations as the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM).

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