Monday, April 07, 2008

Milovanovic: U.S remain steadfast partner, ally, and friend to Macedonia

U.S. Ambassador to Macedonia Gillian Milovanovic in a written media statement on Friday expressed disappointment regarding yesterday's outcome at the Bucharest NATO Summit, where a consensus on Macedonia's NATO membership wasn't reached.

- The people of the Republic of Macedonia came together in the last few weeks and showed their shared commitment to moving this country towards a brighter future. Many, many people have worked hard and achieved so much for this country. The citizens of Macedonia can be proud that their accomplishments over many years and in recent months are making Macedonia a stronger, more prosperous, and more equitable nation for all, says Milovanovic.

The United States stands with the Republic of Macedonia, she adds. - We will remain a steadfast partner, ally, and friend. Yesterday the leaders of our countries agreed to begin work on an enhanced strategic partnership to strengthen our cooperation and ties.

The U.S. Ambassador urges Macedonia’s leadership to continue its positive approach to resolving the name issue promptly. - We eagerly look forward to Macedonia soon becoming a member of all Euro-Atlantic institutions it wishes to join, Milovanovic says in a statement.

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