Monday, April 07, 2008

Presidency Urges Macedonia to Stick to NATO, EU Goal

The Slovenian EU presidency has called on Macedonia "not to lose sight of its strategic national goal of joining the Euro-Atlantic integrations" in view of the decision at the NATO summit in Bucharest, which failed to invite the country to join the alliance because of the name issue with Greece.

The goal of joining the EU and NATO "is essential for country's future, as well as of great importance for the entire region," the presidency states in a press release.

The presidency commends the country for its efforts to pursue reforms, to contribute to regional stability and to build a multiethnic society. It regrets that negotiations on the name issue have not yet produced a successful outcome and urges resumption of talks without delay.

It moreover calls on all political leaders in the country to remain united behind the national consensus on joining the EU and NATO, and to "use well the time available before the autumn Progress Report to intensify reforms in order to meet the conditions necessary towards opening of accession negotiations later this year".

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