Sunday, July 27, 2008

Armed Greeks attack Macedonian citizen

Macedonian citizen was reportedly attacked by a group of Greeks carrying knives near Thessaloniki, Macedonian police said on Thursday.

Skopje resident P. B. (59) reported the case at police station situated on the border crossing Star Dojran.

The man was driving a truck packed with restaurant equipment. He was intercepted by another motor vehicle near the Greek city of Thessaloniki and was forced to stop.

Once he got out of the truck, three men took out knives and told him "Ohi Macedonia, Skopje".

The attackers grabbed the driver and took him behind the truck. One of attackers scrapped the MK plate and tored the truck's tarpauline.

Since the start of the year, this is a seventh consecutive case of maltreatment of Macedonian citizens while traveling in Greece.

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