Sunday, July 27, 2008

Barroso's response to Gruevski expected to be a slam in the face: Imerisia, Greece

The European Commission does not have the competency to respond to Gruevski's claims regarding the issue about Macedonian minority in Greece, the Greek Imerisia daily reads today. According to the newspaper, this would probably be the response of the EC President Jose Manuel Barroso, which is due to be sent tomorrow to FYROM's PM Nicola Gruevski.
According to the information, Mr Gruevski's letter has been accessed by the proper authorities of Commissioner Jacques Barrot and Olli Rehn. These authorities have come to the conclusion that the EC does not have the competency to look into issues regarding minorities residing in EU Member States.
Furthermore, the EC or any community report has never made any reference to a "Macedonian minority" in Greece. Mr Barroso's response will also refer to the name issue and call on FYROM's obligation to maintain good neighbourly relation with Greece.
Meanwhile, the edition stresses, the Greek Foreign Minister Dora Bakoyannis, sent a message to FYROM yesterday, saying that the Balkans do not need nationalistic tensions, but a modern European vision.

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Anonymous said...

EU would be very quik to critisize others on human rights violations but when Republic of Macedonia asks,they ignore it by saying"it is not our problem"Which it come to mind,why are they relentesly critisizing China,Myamar,Zimbawi,Macedonia and others on human rights violations?The only country in Europe that does not recognize minoryties is Greece.No,EU can not critisize their own menber countries.Is this a double standard EU is carrying on or not?Mr. Sarkozis grandfather was born in Macedonia proper, not in Greece.Mr. Sarkozi is forgeting that the Greek authoryties allowed discrimination againts the Greek jews in Athens just reasontly.Mr. Karamanlis is forgeting that his grandmother was Macedonian who married his grandfather,who did not even speak Greek .Both leaders are one and the same.It is a shame.