Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Father, son die in car crash in Tetovo area

A father and his child were killed in car crash on Tetovo-Jazince road early on Monday, Makfax correspondent said.

Bozin Krsteski, 43, and his five-year-old son Filip where killed when two cars - Renault Clio and BMW - collided on the road. Bozin's wife sustained severe injuries.

The two men aboard BMW also sustained severe injuries.

Kostovski family was en-route from Tetovo to their home village of Staro Selo.

The two cars, running in opposite direction, collided off a bend near the village of Beloviste.

Silence and grief enveloped the village of Staro Selo on Monday. One year ago, four youths had been killed in car crash, two of them were born in this village.

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