Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Women Handball: Brazil 27-25 Macedonia

In the decisive match at the Women's Youth Handball Championship, Macedonia lost to Brazil 27-25 (11-13). It became evident in the loss against Croatia that the Macedonian handball team performs poorly under pressure.

The mistakes the team made against Croatia were mistakes that really no one should make. The coach admitted the pressure got to them, but even he was shocked at the number of errors the team committed.

Same story against Brazil. Macedonia started the match well, lead through most of it, only at the end the pressure to get to them once more, loosing the lead and the match all together. Talent wise Macedonia has good players, though the inexperience in playing big matches and the pressure put on them by the RFM proved fatal at the end.

With a victory over Brazil, Macedonia would be on the train to place between 1 to 12th place, now is on the train between 12 and 24th place. The pressure is now gone, and I wouldn't be surprised if Macedonia wins their remaining matches.
Pero Stamatovski

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