Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Macedonia's Milososki Outlines Foreign Policy Priorities

Foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Macedonia remain the same, determined through a national and political consensus. These are the Euro-Atlantic integrations. The Balkan region, which coped with misunderstandings, conflicts and wars 15 years ago, has since enjoyed years of cooperation, peace, stability and joint investments, so that all countries, including Macedonia, become part of the European family", said Antonio Milososki, who remains in office as foreign minister.

According to him, Macedonia can do this through quality reforms and good representation of the country before the international community, especially with the support of friends from Europe, USA, and other countries Macedonia has good relations with.

Regarding the dispute imposed by Greece, FM Milososki stated that Macedonia remains in the framework of prior talks, mediated by the United Nations.

"Talks can be fruitful only if there is respect from each side, and if there are debates through arguments and on an equal basis. Any threats, pressure and blackmail will not bear fruits. Athens should demonstrate greater understanding on the ways to a reasonable solution, which would enable good neighbourly relations and stability within the already well-developed friendly ties in the economic sector", said Milososki.

Pertaining to aspirations for EU membership, he stated that Macedonia should meet European Commission benchmarks in order to obtain the accession talks date, but also did not exclude Athens blocking that process.

"We remain on the position that Macedonia should everything in its power to meet the EC benchmarks, in order to acquire the recommendation for beginning of EU accession talks. However, I would also say that we should not be surprised if Athens decides to continue with the blocking policy, before all caused by its own internal political developments. In any case, such a stance is unsustainable on the long run, since the policy of EU and NATO integration has a larger capacity", underlined FM Milososki.

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