Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Macedonian Premier Pledges New Government to Carry Out Reforms

The new government will fulfil everything within the programme and realization of all envisaged reforms, aimed at raising the living quality of Macedonia's citizens", said late Saturday [26 July] Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.

"In the next four years, Republic of Macedonia will have political stability, economic development, progress in EU and NATO integration, investments in education, agriculture, but also other sectors", stated Gruevski after the new government was sworn in.

Pertaining to the opposition's absence from the Parliament session, he said this was their choice, which he believes is wrong.

"I think they were wrong. The reason they chose not to attend the session and abstain from the Parliament's work in general is rather unpopular, when you try to oppose the fight against crime and corruption with blackmails in the Parliament. It is not a good choice to boycott the government election. I think that in a year or two they will realize their mistake of leaving the Parliament", underlined PM Gruevski.

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Anonymous said...

PM Gruevski is right telling the Socio-Democrats to not boycot Parliament.Socio-Democrats were in power fo so many years,What have they accomplish? Radmila Sekerinska would be better if she rethinks her actions of avoiding the Parliamentary rules.In Macedonia,there are too many who have milked the government and its population.Criminals deserve to be put in jail,because of their greed,they put the country in dept.If hekerinska wants to change anything,she must be in the Parliament and carry on the wishes of the electorate.