Tuesday, July 29, 2008

SDSM Vice President heading to prison

Unofficially, the Prosecution Body for Fight Against Organized Crime has reached a decision to imprison Strumica's mayor for 30 days, while the case against him is being prepared.

The decision was made earlier today by Skopje Court 1, though it hasn't made it public yet. Mina believes this will be made official shortly. Several hundred Strumica residents have already started gathering around the Local Administrative Building to show their support for the mayor.

According to our source, the decision of Skopje Court 1 is final, and don't intend to review or change it. The reason for the 30 days detention, according to our source, is to stop Zaev and his associates from pressuring and bribing three Strumica famillies into agreeing the land where the "Globe" Shopping Center is built didn't belong to them.

Zaev is expected to arrive at the Suto Orizari County jail this evening. Strumica residents have vowed to gather around the prison to voice their displeasure.

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