Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Zaev transferred to detention facility

Strumica mayor and SDSM's deputy head Zoran Zaev, accused of misusing his post as mayor, has been transferred to detention facility late on Sunday.

The Trial Chamber of Skopje District Court 1 ruled that Zaev is to remain in police custody in the next 30 days. The Chamber upheld the second appeal from public prosecutors, who insisted that Zaev alongside five aides be kept in police custody.

Large number of Strumica residents massed late Sunday outside the City Hall to voice support for their mayor and to express outrage at court's decision to arrest him. The locals tried to stop their mayor to surrender himself.

Zaev and his aides were arrested on 17 July and they were brought to Skopje District Court 1. After 12-hour interrogation, they were released on bail and their passports were seized.

Mayor Zaev and five of his associates are accused of wrongdoing in relation to the construction of Global shopping mall in Strumica.

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