Monday, August 11, 2008

Seven-year anniversary of Karpalak attack

Seventh anniversary of the Karpalak attack, which claimed the lives of 10 army reservists from Prilep during the 2001 conflict, will be marked Friday on the Tetovo-Skopje highway at Karpalak site.

Delegations of the Ministry of Defense, led by deputy minister Emil Dimitrievski and the Macedonian Army (ARM), led by General Major Zoran Dimov, commander of the Joint Operations Command, will lay flowers nearby Karpalak commemorating this tragic event.

The reservists who survived the ambush attack, together with a delegation of the Prilep Assembly will also pay their respect in Karpalak and in the Prilep cemeteries, where they are laid to rest.

Delegations of the local self-government, Karpalak Association of Soldiers and citizens on Thursday evening laid flowers and paid respect to the killed reservists at the monuments erected in barracks "Mircev Acev" and Leniste village near Prilep. In honor of the ARM reservists, a memorial plaque will be unveiled in Prilep downtown, thus heralding the procedure for renaming 13 streets in Prilep after the town's ARM reservists.

On August 8 seven years ago, a Prilep convoy made up of five vehicles and 120 reservists was ambushed near Karpalak. Defending the independence, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the state, Nane Naumovski, Saso Kitanoski, Branko Sekuloski, Goran Minoski, Marko Despotoski, Erdovan Sabanoski, Ljube Grujoski, Darko Veljanoski, Pece Sekuloski and Vebi Rusidoski, all ARM reservists, lost their lives in the attack.

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