Friday, September 05, 2008

Secret deal between US and Greece?

According to Sam Vaknin in a text published by the Los Angeles Chronicle the US State Department has already made an agreement with the Greek Foreign Ministry for an ‘acceptable name’ in regards to Macedonia, citing DC sources.

Mr. Vaknin says, the deal was struck in a series of secret meeting between the US and Greek side in Washington DC in mid June.

The solution may be “Northern Macedonia”, the name Greek Lobbyist and UN Mediator Matthew Nimetz has proposed in the past two years.
Sam Vaknin states the Macedonian Government isn’t aware of the existence of this “Greco-American” plan which was coined so Macedonia becomes a member of NATO and would suit American interests in the region, explaining that Serbia is a Russian agent, while Greece is an Anti-American entity and a member of the NATO Alliance, hence Macedonia would cut off the connection between the two countries.

Though Mr. Sam Vaknin, an Israeli (obsessed with Macedonia and former employee of the Macedonian Government), is famous for his anti Macedonian writings in obscure news sites ever since his contract in Skopje was ‘cut short‘, his explanation may have some merit.

I say may have some merit as this morning the US Ambassador in Skopje, Milovanovic issued a fairly unfortunate statement: “Macedonia has no future if it’s not a NATO member”.
One must admit, NATO has exceeded the “Jesus Levels”. If you are not in NATO, you can pretty much commit suicide. With all do respect, Zambia and Zimbabwe and 130 other countries are not in NATO, and guess what, there they are, existing.

I am not angry with the US Ambassador, slip ups do occur, and getting angry with her would be like getting angry with my grand mother. Which is something I refuse to do.

The only thing Macedonia would gain from NATO membership is being targeted by Russia and needlessly spend millions of dollars in “membership fees“ for an organization that has nothing to do with defense, and a lot to do with offense. Should I add that NATO’s status as a military (occupational) organization has spurred the creation of more military organizations to defend themselves. NATO a stabilizing force? Think again.

Back to the name. Sam Vaknin theory, will quickly prove to be true or false at the UN meeting on September 23rd, when US Secretary of State Condi Rice will present the “take it or leave it” solution to both sides, or maybe to just one side if the other is already informed.

I personally believe Sam Vaknin to be one angry man, again, because he was let go from his ‘advisory’ post, and just can’t agree with the ’deal’ he claims was made. I don’t deny there may be a deal made, it wouldn’t surprise me, though not to the severity of Vaknin’s claims.

Northern Macedonia for all use will just not work because that is far from a compromise, and I don’t see the Macedonian Government accepting something they have refused several times, or changing the constitutional name, which is what essentially Greece had been trying to do all along.
I for one wont allow change on my passport, and yes, I'll fight you for it, there can only be Macedonia.

Are Greece jealous because we have only one name, and they have three?


Anonymous said...

Greeks are not jealous of your name.. infact you are jealous of Greeks.. many ethnicities are leaving in the region of Macedonia and everyone has the right in that name even if the ancient Macedonians were Greeks..i live in Thessaloniki and i feel very much Macedonian but i am Greek and i cant accept when i say that i am macedonian to be connected with your country and your people..
stop that stupidity and stop producing those maps with "united macedonia" cause that will destroy peace.. change your name to "North Macedonia" and erase from your constitution everything that has to do with imperialism and nonsense i cant be ally with u when u are presenting maps where my city belongs in your country.. who gave you that right? how do you feel when Albanians come up with maps showing your country splited? what would you do if u were allready in NATo and Albanians wanted to join? you would let them ? I want peace but imperialism is unacceptable..


Anonymous said...

Dear Konstantinos,
Are you a Greek or Macedonian? Please decide. You cannot be both.

And Sam Vakin is just a con-man making money from writing lies. I know because I had discussed with him personally.


Aleksandar said...

For Konstantin

Shame on you,you dot know nothing about thet, who are Macedonians. Macedonians are peaceful people who are living in the mudle and south of the Balcan, and they are very brave. I am not so sure thet you are right about your thesis. And thet "os" of the end of your name "konstantinos", is a greek epitet. "Konstantin" is old Macedonian name and thet epitet is given when Greece is occupating part of old Macedonia. For your information you are Macedonian and i am Macedonian.we are two separate brothers. Old macedonian name of Thessaloniki is SOLUN. I have macedonian language and alphabet so i cant be bulgarian or albanian or greek or serbian.... I am just MACEDONIAN

Aleksandar from Ohrid
Republic of Macedonia