Thursday, April 30, 2009

Macedonian pork is safe, say producers

Domestic pork is healthy and safe, whereas consumers can use it freely, stated Wednesday Macedonian producers and processors.

They complained of suffering enormous losses due to the citizens' misinformation, thinking that the swine flu is transferred through food.

"The disease that recently appeared in Mexico is not transferred through consumption of pork and its processing, but from one human to another. This is a mutation of the swine, human and bird flu, but of humane, not animal type. Therefore, we ask that term 'swine' is replaced with 'North American'", stated members of the Group for Production of Pork and Processing.

According to them, since the news on the global spreading of the swine flu, pork sales in Macedonia have reduced by 50 percent.

Veterinary Administration director Dejan Runtevski stressed that the ban for import of live pigs, which entered into force on Tuesday, would be applied as long as necessary.

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