Saturday, February 06, 2010

Conspiracy for ethnical conflict

The Center for Ethnical Tolerance and Refugees, which has ignited Macedonian society with an inquiry on extremely worsen ethnical relations, is incompetent to make a research of the public opinion, Macedonian Vecer newspaper writes. The edition reads that despite the number of the asked people (unusually high-6 500 people) from different ethnical groups in over 26 towns and villages in Macedonia there is no other data for the methodology on which the inquiry has been based. There is neither data about the age or gender of the asked people nor whether the inquiry has been made by the phone. Vecer reads further the biggest manipulation has been made by not observing the percentage proportion of the asked people over their ethical belonging. The number of asked Macedonians and Albanians is almost the same, which is not in a compliance with the structure of the society in the country.

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