Saturday, February 06, 2010

SDSM seeks Conflict as Only Way to Power

We have already reported that Macedonia's opposition, namely the SDSM, have created over 60 bogus NGOs whose job is to either create tensions among different minorities, or badmouth their own country in Brussels.

Through their privately controlled media, only recently the SDSM announced a poll where they had supposedly 'increased' their popularity to 17% while the ruling coalition went down to 18%. The SDSM boasted their 'success', until they were silenced by the IRI Institute who only days later announced the Ruling coalition enjoyed a ratio of 2.5:1 popularity over the opposition.

Though we normally refuse to report fake polling results, particularly when they come from bogus NGOs organizations formed days ago, we'd made one exception today, so we can all witness how low and what Crvenkovski is prepared to do to return to power.

Today, an organization calling itself "Center for interethnic tolerance and refugees" stated that Macedonia has never been as close to civil war as is today. This 'news' spread throughout the SDSM controlled media like firestorm with A1, Utrinski, Vreme, Vest, Dnevnik all placing it as "top news".

Bizarre polling

The supposed number of people asked is an unusually high number of 6500 respondents of different ethnic communities in more than 26 settlements around the country. There is no other information on the methodology of which the survey was conducted. There is no data on Gender or Age of the respondents, or whether the survey was done via telephone or in the field.

The supposed polling organization introduced bizarre ethnic ratio of people it supposedly surveyed. The number of respondents - Macedonians and Albanians is almost equal, which corresponds to the structure of the population in the country. In the sample there are only 31.3 per cent of Macedonians (2,041) and 27.6% Albanians (1800), 11% Roma (717), 9.7% Turks, 8% - Serbs, Bosniaks 4.4%, 1.4% Vlachs ...

The so-called Center for interethnic tolerance and refugees, which for the first time appeared in the public today does not exist in any Court registration papers, which means the name is ficticious. MINA's representative in Skopje, Valentina Trajkovska checked to find this organization in the Central Registry, with the same outcome, it does not exist there either.

In the supposed survey, more than 2/3 of Macedonian citizens believe that interethnic relations are 'on the brink of conflict'.

It goes on

Only 78 percent of respondents answered that interethnic relations are very bad, over 70 percent said they were satisfied with the cooperation of ethnic groups, and 56 percent fear for the future of the next generations.

Astonishing is the fact that the poll shows that 89 percent of the citizens, if they had the opportunity, would immediately leave the country! This contradicts EU border report that Macedonians travel the least after the visa liberalization.
The survey's author, Vlado Dimovski, proceeds to give a two pages personal view entitled "interethnic conflict - inevitable," suggesting that these alarming figures showed the country was back to the 2001 crisis.

The ruling coalition had no comment on this 'survey', while Albanian parties (DPA being the exception) have asked the SDSM to stop inflaming ethnic tensions in the country.

SDSM is seen using the same scenario from 2001, when after failing to win parliamentary elections, managed to become part of the Government after a short lived conflict. Crvenkovski's hope is that another conflict will once again catapult him to the PM spot.

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