Monday, December 18, 2006

Bulgaria specifies visa regime with Macedonia

Bulgarian government on Thursday defined the visa regime with Macedonia, due to be introduced as of 1st January 2007, once Bulgaria joins the European Union.

The entry visas for Macedonian citizens will be free of charge, in accordance with the Treaty signed by the governments of the two countries in early November.

The naval and aircraft crew members including rescue team members do not need a visa to enter the country.

Macedonian business people, haulers and bus drivers with pre-defined routes and destinations, including the employees in railway and mail traffic will be entitled to simplified visa issuance procedures. They will be issued multiple entry visas with one-year validity.

Also entitled to simplified visa issuance will be the applicants who travel to Bulgaria to visit a sick family member, including the tourists traveling with travel agencies.

The holders of Schengen visas, holders of visas issued by countries of visa-free Schengen zone, can transit through the territory of Bulgaria in a period not longer than five days.

Once the EU regulations on free movement of the EU nations with third parties comes in force, Bulgaria and Macedonia will have to sign a separate treaty to define the movement of the population in border areas between the two countries.

Based on the bilateral treaty on visa regime, Bulgarian citizens do not need visas to enter Macedonia for short stay. They will be entitled to single, double or multiple entries into the country where neither a single uninterrupted stay nor the collective duration of a number of successive stays may exceed 90 days within a period of six months, starting from the day of first entry.

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