Monday, January 08, 2007

China, Macedonia to boost economic cooperation

China and Macedonia signed on Thursday an agreement on economic and technical cooperation to strengthen ties between the two countries, news reaching Tirana from Skopje reported.

Dong Chunfeng, the newly-appointed Chinese ambassador to Macedonia, and Vera Rafajlovska, Macedonian economy minister, on behalf of respective government, inked the agreement, under which China will grant an aid worth 2 million euros (2.44 million dollars) to Macedonia.

Dong said that China would like to do what it could to help Macedonia's efforts in building its economy and society, hoping that the bilateral relations between the two countries can be lifted onto a new level.

"The government of the People's Republic of China attaches great importance to furthering the ties with Macedonia and it remains committed to stepping up the economic cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefits," Dong said.

Rafajlovska said that Macedonia highly appreciated the economic aid, hailing the Chinese help as sending charcoal in snowy weather.

"This is another indicator of successful bilateral co-operation between the two countries," Rafajlovska said, adding this is the second grant agreement between China and Macedonia. The first one was signed in September 2004.

Rafajlovska also expressed her satisfaction with the amicable bilateral relations between the two countries, and invited Chinese companies to invest in Macedonia.

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