Monday, January 08, 2007


Long queues formed in front of the Bulgarian embassy in Skopje on the first work day of 2007, Macedonian Channel 5 television reported.

The chaos was related to the issuing of Bulgarian visas for Macedonian citizens, after Bulgaria became EU member and the regime for entering the country changed.

Though officials announced the opening of an information hotline, a number of people were unable to receive information on the new procedures, the report said.

Since the beginning of 2007 only 119 Macedonians entered Bulgaria through one of the most used border checkpoints, Deve Bair.

Macedonians can obtain a visa only in Skopje and the newly opened Bulgarian consulate in Bitola. An information centre will start working o n January 10.

Vreme newspaper reported that the issuing of visas for Macedonian citizens is free of charge. The embassy in Skopje already announced the days on which it would issue visas for students, travelers and others.

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