Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Israeli company wins bidding on Macedonia's project Sunny Town

The Israeli company "Industrial Buildings Corporation" has been picked as the best contractor - bidder at the tender announced by the Macedonian Government on construction of residential area in the Skopje's nearby village of Sopiste.

Macedonian Transportation Minister Mile Janasievski announced today the Israeli company's victory in the bidding procedure, in which the Macedonian contractor Granit also took part as the second and final bidder.

Industrial Buildings Corporation offered a price of 350 denars per square meter - 50 denars more than the Macedonian contractor's bid - which surpasses the starting price by 100 denars, the Minister unveiled.

He reminded that the construction deal includes building of as many as 603 individual houses, 11 apartment buildings and two sport fields on a total area of 640.000 square meters.

The overall investment is estimated to around 100 million euros, which is bound to have an immediate positive impact on the Macedonian economy, Janakievski said.

The project is expected to provide homes for as many as 6.000 citizens.

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