Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Robbers skimmed 100.000 euros from Aleksandar Palace's casino

Robbers took more than 100.000 euros from the casino of the Skopje's hotel Aleksandar Palace, after kidnapping the casino's manager.

Police sources told Makfax that the thieves left with"booty" of 93.000 euros and 1.4 million denars.

Two or three persons barged in the casino before 08:00 hrs this morning and managed to get away with the money in a relatively short time span.

The planned operation commenced at about 04:30 hrs, when two gunmen intercepted and abducted the casino's manager B.D., 42, outside his home in Skopje downtown.

The abductors tied his hands and covered his eyes with duct tape, placing him back in his car. Under life threats, they forced him to hand them the keys of casino's entry door, requesting information relating the object.

The manager was released shortly after, and the Police located him at about 8:30, in the vicinity of the hotel Vergina, not far away from Aleksandar Palace.

The robbers broke into the casino shortly before 8:00 hrs and tied up the two women they encountered there.

Acting quickly, they managed even to demolish the video security equipment before taking off.

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