Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fresh protests against verdict in Skopje double murder case

Some 100 relatives and friends of Nehad Sulejmani and Suad Jusufi, both sentenced to life in prison for double murder, staged another protest in downtown Skopje today.

The 100-strong procession set out from the Chair settlement Monday afternoon to stop outside the Skopje's District Court. The traffic circulation at the road section stretching from the Mavrovka business center to the Skopje Fair was blocked by the protestors who chanted "We demand justice to be done".

This was the third protest prompted by displeased relatives of Sulejmani and Jusufi, who were jailed for life for vendetta killing of Branko Ivanovski and his brother-in-law Ljupco Atanasovski.

The murders that took place in Vlae district on 13 August 2006. They opened fire on Ivanovski and his brother-in-law Atanasovski, who were aboard a vehicle along with their wives.

Ivanovski and Atanasovski died on the spot from the fatal injuries. Their wives sustained severe gunshot wounds.

The reason for the apparent vendetta was the murder committed by Branko Ivanovski resulting from what started as a trivial squabble for a parking spot.

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