Saturday, April 10, 2010

US Department of State Magazine - Ancient Macedonia builds modern democracy

Macedonia's Pearl of the Balkans. US recognized Macedonia under its constitutional and ONLY name as Republic of Macedonia

The April issue of the State Magazine, by US Department of State


Anonymous said...

USA ignore history in the name of their imperialist games and they try to create a state which can be their palymobil.Its rediculus for anyone who just has gone in a european school-university and learned ancient history,because as we know in the USA they have no idea even where is the state of New York.

makedonas said...

I am who I am and I am an indegenous Macedonian and, therefore, I am a Greek. I always try to express my views, thoughts and ideas about things that seem to me important and especially about matters that concern Greece and especially Macedonia, the historic and classic Macedonia that Mrs. Rowlands did not know or pretended she did not know the proper location of it and either deliberately or by selective ignorance she confused ancient Macedonia with the old Vardarska land of the South Slavonian Slavs who falsely and fraudulently lave to call"Macedonia" although they know that except for the Macedonian part of ancient Pellagonia is made up of ancient Paeonia and Dardania.
So, then, according to Mrs. Raynalds and the South Slavonian Slavs ancient Macedonia moved up north conveniently and fraudulently replaced the real and true ancient Macedonia, the Hellenic province of northern Greece.
Macedonia, ancient and modern has a permanent location and it does not move from one location to another one because the South Slavonian Slavs wantit that way and by the use of fraud and forgery of the identity theft of the Macedonian Greek name that has been our treasure for more than two and a half thousand years and it is now being coveted by the South Slavonian Slavs for themselves as though it ever belonged to them or was part of their history.
The Brittish stole the Elgin marbles, the Turks stole a third of the Island of Cyprus. Why shouldn't the South Slavonians steal our Macedonian legacy and dream about stealing some land.
Well, they stole some land in 1912-1913, why not try for more if the Greeks would let them, but would they? No, never.
What do the South Slavonian Slavs have to do with Philip II, or Heraclea or Stobi? why did you tell Mrs. Rowlands that you people have no connection with those people and places that you try to sound as though you are the modern descendants and that those things or people belong to the modern South Slavonians of former Yugoslavia.
Finally, I like to know whether Mrs. Rowlands buys real pearls for herhelf or cheap replicas and if that is the case how could she be so selective about her pearls but not about the REAL and TRUE pearl of the Balkans and that is NOT your Paeonian/Dardanian land but MY Macedonian Greek land that has been the pearl of the Balkans and beyond for more than two and a half thousand years and a thousand years before your Slavic ancestors came down the Balkans.
Finally, I would like to know how much more lying, misleading, deceiving, fraud and forgery are you going to spread around the world and how many more Professors, historians and intellectuals are you going to bribe in this world in order to get what you want. I know that you guys could not do a thing without the support and the mysterious backing of the United States but you never know things sometimes work in funny ways and you may be left empty-handed and with nothing but dreams that never come true.
Nick H.